What is a print server? Explanation in detail.

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what is a print server and how does it work
What is a print server?

1. What is a print server?

It is a device that can be used to share printers with computers on the network. They are often installed in businesses and schools, but they also work well in homes and offices. The process of setting up a printer for use on a single computer is relatively simple. Co-using a printer with other computers on the same network may be challenging without networking hardware such as an Ethernet switch. A print server provides many features out-of-the-box!

2. Why do I need a print server?

With several computers but just one printer, a print server lets everyone share the same printer. This saves money by not having to purchase an additional printer for each user in your office.

It speeds up document processing because people do not waste time printing their documents on their local printers. It also reduces paper waste, which helps create a greener office environment.

Some offices block access to USB ports and drivers due to security concerns, which prevents these computers from printing directly. These machines must print via a wireless or wired network connection, requiring a printer server computer.

3. How to set up your print server?

For home offices, businesses with few users or any other case where numerous users can benefit from sharing one printer, setting up a print server is the answer.

Setting up your printer server will allow all of your employees and coworkers to share the same printer on the network without having to hassle physically connecting their workstations. The total setup time usually takes less than an hour and can save you money by avoiding unnecessary hardware purchases while making your job easier to manage and complete.

4. Print servers are easy to use and configure

A printer server is an excellent tool for businesses that want employees to share printers easily across the network. It also saves paper in offices with multiple computers but only one printer. Users can connect wirelessly or via cables to the print server’s shared printer instead of printing from each computer individually. Setting up a print server usually takes less than an hour, depending on how many workstations are in your office, even if you are new at networking. The process is straightforward and can be done by following a few easy steps.

5. The benefits of using a print server

Using a print server eliminates the need to buy a separate printer for each user in your business, saving money and space.

You will also save time managing documents since employees can print their work much quicker; you don’t need to wait around for the printer queue list to clear up before printing anything else.

Users can connect wirelessly or via connected connections to one shared printer, saving paper from many printouts from separate machines. Also, there won’t be as many errors during the printing process because everyone is using the same printer – the same drivers, same paper tray, etc.

6. What you will need before setting up a print server?

To set up your print server, you will need some basic networking knowledge and a few items from around the office.

The first item needed is a printer for sharing across users in your network. You can also use a wireless printer, which works great for small offices with only one wall jack available where the printer must be placed close by.

Suppose you have more than one wall jack available but want even more accessible access to the shared printers. In that case, you should also purchase at least two extra USB cables of various lengths (the longer, the better) that can easily stretch from different areas of the room, all connected.

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