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Cash checking and money transfers are just two of the many options available at the Walmart Money Center. Walmart’s money center has everything you need, whether you need help with your Money card or want to send a family member a few hours of work. Knowing the hours of the Walmart money center near you could be helpful if you need assistance with your financial services. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of the general hours of operation for Walmart money centers below.

More Details On Walmart Money Center Hours

Walmart’s money center is open from 8 AM to 10 PM Monday through Sunday. To transfer and receive money, you can visit a Walmart money center open during the hours listed in the table below and in this paragraph.

During these Walmart cash checking hours, you can use any of the company’s financial information and capabilities. As long as your question relates to financial matters, you don’t need to know the store’s opening hours.

Fortunately for cardholders, the card activation and support operator is on call around the clock to answer questions and assist with any issues that may arise. They also provide Weekend financial support via Walmart money center hours, which happen to be identical to those found on six other days of the week.

Monday 7 PM – 10 PM
Tuesday 7 PM – 10 PM
Wednesday 7 PM – 10 PM
Thursday 7 PM – 10 PM
Friday 7 PM – 10 PM
Saturday 7 PM – 10 PM
Sunday 7 PM – 10 PM

Between the periods indicated and a 30-minute cushion, arrange your journey accordingly if you need money sent or picked up by Western Union or Money Gram.

Using the table above, you should get a general idea of Walmart’s money center hours. Since you can’t cash a check before Walmart’s money center opening period of 7 AM to 10 PM, please remember that the hours given are the same as Walmart’s cash-checking business hours.

As with any business, the Walmart money center’s hours can vary from location to location. Using the methods outlined here, you should be able to locate the hours of operation for Walmart’s money service department whenever you need assistance.

Hours Of Operation For The Walmart Money Center

Find Walmart Money Center

The official store locator is the first resource we recommend in this area for discovering the operating hours of a Walmart money center. Even if the business finder here shows regular working hours, you will still utilize the money center because most establishments have one near the front near the cash registers. You may find the hours of the Wal-Mart money center by using the company’s main website as a reference.

Start by entering your city, state, or zip code into the Walmart money center locator to view a complete list of hours. They are the most up-to-date and reliable hours for Walmart money centers because they directly control the retail behemoth.

Money Center On App

If you’re always on the run, this Walmart smartphone application could help you out. You may download the app to begin using it to identify your local Walmart money center’s operating hours. Both the Apple store and Google Play have this app available.

Account overview and management, shop information, and rapid access to all money center hours at each location are additional essential features. You can find Walmart cash-checking hours in our “Frequently Asked Questions” section at the bottom of the page.

Money Center On Map

We also recommend using Google Maps to determine money center hours. On, you may also find this page under the “Maps” tab by the search bar. Search for “Walmart money center hours” by typing the keywords into the search bar and pressing the search button. Hours for Wal-money Mart’s center, along with its standard operating timetable, will be provided. Select a location on the map below to see the Walmart cash-checking hours in your area.

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