How to set up 2FA for laptop or desktop (Authy)


Knowledge Base Guide:
Two-factor Authentication via the Authy Desktop Application

What is two-factor authentication?
2FA is defined by Authy as having “‘something you know’ paired with ‘something you have’”. For example, you likely have a bank card, and in order to use your bank card, you must have a correct PIN when completing transactions. The bank card is something you have and the PIN is something you know. Together, the card and PIN makes for a great two-factor authentication system, which in return protects your money. Authy is used in the same way when you want to use an exchanger or do a Bitcoin withdrawal. Your electronic device is the object you have and the 2FA password is something you know.

Why should I use Authy?
Authy is an alternative way to setup the two-factor authentication. It is commonly a choice for users who cannot or do not want to install a 2FA application on a mobile device.

What is required in order to use Authy?
• A mobile phone/device that is capable of receiving text messages

• A personal computer or tablet

• Google Chrome as the default browser

• A SolidTrust Pay account

How do I install Authy?

1. You can start the Authy download by going to
it is important that you are using Google Chrome to setup Authy; no other browsers will work.

2. The option for desktop will be the second white box, as shown below:

3. Select ‘Get it on Google Play

4. Once the button has been selected, a page will pop-up. It looks like this:

5. Select ‘Add to Chrome’, located in the upper right-hand corner:

6. Select ‘Add app’ when prompted:

7. The page should change and will show that Authy has now been added to your Apps in Google Chrome:

8. Follow the on-screen prompts when you click on the application. Authy support can be found at if you are having issues with the application itself.

How to enable the 2FA on your SolidTrust Pay account

1. After Authy has been installed, login to your SolidTrust Pay account and go to ‘Security Zone > Two-Factor Auth Settings’:

2fa auth settings


2. Once on the next page, please read all of the information. You can ignore what is inside of the red box (see below) since this information is for 2FA on a smartphone. Once you have reviewed the entire page, select ‘Start Two-Factor Authentication Setup’:

2fa 3


3. Select ‘Send SMS Confirmation Code’. If you are not receiving the text message, please contact Customer Support at

2fa auth 2



4. Enter the number provided in the text message you received. After, you will then select ‘Enable Two-Factor Auth’:

5. The next page will have the manual setup code (see Figure 1). You will then copy the manual setup code into Authy (see Figure 2).

Figure 1 – Locating the manual setup code.


Figure 2 – A view of a manual setup code in Authy. Select ‘Add Account’ after entering the manual setup code.


6. After the account has been added, chose a logo and provide a name for the account in Authy (see Figure 3). After, select ‘Done’ to close the box. Another box will pop up (see Figure 4) with the account they have added. Have the user select the account and the 2FA password will appear (see Figure 5).

Figure 3 – Selecting a logo and naming the account

Figure 4 – Close the box once your account has been added

(Figure 5, below)

Figure 5 – A new box appears after closing the previous box. Select the account and the 2FA password will appear. Copy and paste this where the 2FA password is required.
*Reminder: the 2FA password changes every 30 seconds. Insert the 2FA password in time after you have copied it or it will not work!

How to set up 2FA using your Desktop or Laptop computer instead of a Smartphone!

NOTE: The instructions below are out of date and may not work properly. We have written a new, more comprehensive, step-by-step guide (with images) for setting up 2-Factor Authentication on your desktop or laptop instead of your smartphone. 


Two-factor Authentication (2FA) is a security measure used to confirm the identity of an account holder. It is an extra security step to prevent an individual who is not the user of an account from accessing or transferring funds.

2FA is implemented by the use of two factors; something you know (password) and something you have (your computer). Since it is not likely that an intruder would have access to your personal computer, as well as know your password; this will protect your account from being compromised.

The set up process is very similar to the SmartPhone App process but there are a few changes.

Here are the steps for enabling 2FA on your SolidTrust Pay account.

First, log in to your SolidTrust Pay account. Go to the Security Zone drop down menu, and click “Two-Factor Auth Settings“.

Once your are here, read through the instructions thoroughly to ensure you do not miss anything. It is important to make sure that your phone number is correct and includes your country code.

step 1d

Once you have verified your phone number, you will want to go to and click on Desktop. You must set this up using Google Chrome web browser. It will not work with Firefox or Internet Explorer, etc.

Please follow all the directions carefully for setting up the Desktop Authy App.

After you have downloaded the Authy app, Click Start Two-Factor Authentication Setup, and then Send SMS confirmation code. You will receive an SMS message with a Two-Factor Authentication setup code. Enter this code in the SMS confirmation code box, and click Enable Two-Factor Auth.

step 3

Once you have entered your SMS confirmation code, open the Authy app you have downloaded and enter the MANUAL CODE that appears under the bar code.

Manual code

After your have entered the manual code into the Authy App your Two-Factor Authentication is enabled! The authenticator code will come up on your app, and this will be the code that you use when needed. For security reasons, the code will update every 30 seconds. Please ensure that you use the most recent code. Here is an example of a code from the Google Authenticator App.

2FA code


For further instructions please watch our helpful How To Video