Microsoft will reduce the cost of Teams Rooms and introduce a free Basic tier for SMBs

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Microsoft has informed its channel partners that it will shortly reduce the cost of Teams Rooms and introduce a version of the product tailored to the needs of smaller enterprises.

Microsoft’s Teams Rooms is designed for businesses using specialised collaboration equipment, such as microphones, soundbars, desk phones with screens and cameras, and other devices from manufacturers like Bose, Poly, Lenovo, and Logitech.

Customers must pay Microsoft an additional fee on top of the price of Teams licences in order to use these rooms. As of this writing, a monthly Premium licence for one of these products costs $50, while a monthly Standard service is $15.

According to an announcement made to Microsoft partners on Wednesday, the company’s Premium offering is being phased out in favour of a $40/month Pro tier that “delivers enhanced in-room meeting experiences, like intelligent audio or video, multiscreen support, our full-set of device management capabilities, and future differentiated value.”

The licence is “ideal for the Enterprise market and for smaller enterprises with bigger room counts or more complex needs,” the thread explains.

“Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic,” which gives clients basic meeting experiences when they buy a certified Microsoft Teams Rooms device, will replace the current Standard tier.

Readers who are employed by Microsoft partner organisations may feel slighted at this point because of the Basic product.

When it comes to maintaining the hardware in the Teams Room, Microsoft is confident they can make up the gap with its managed services.

Further explaining the importance of device management to its clientele, Redmond writes, “it is vital that we both accelerate our innovation in this area and broaden the reach and value of our product.” The intelligent device management dashboard for Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro will be made available in the coming months, bringing with it the AI-powered platform value from managed services.

Since Microsoft’s clients can buy up to 25 Basic licences, the potential for partners to profit even without a Pro licence is high.

Both the Pro and Basic versions will be available for purchase and public announcement on September 6.

The new colour schemes are mandatory for all existing Teams Rooms Standard and Premium members.

If you have clients who are currently using Microsoft Teams Rooms, the company advises that you switch them over to the new Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro SKU on their next anniversary, or as soon as feasible. In addition, the memo states that beginning on October 1, 2022, Microsoft employees “will no longer serve as mediators for the incident management workflows.”

We’ll be providing free demos of Teams Rooms Pro. Customers in the public sector, academia, and the nonprofit sector will receive a free 60-day trial. The remaining members of the group have only 30 days.

Due to the decreased time spent in the office due to hybrid work arrangements, on-prem collaboration equipment is anticipated to become increasingly valuable. Therefore, it may be desirable to reduce the operating costs. If that means more hardware and subscription sales for Microsoft’s partners, shifting the maintenance revenue potential to them should go over well.

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