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With the advancement of technology, people are connecting more devices to the internet. The IoT industry is growing immensely with these advancements. We live in a world where our refrigerators can order groceries for us and cars can drive themselves. Almost every day there is something new that has been added to this ever-growing industry. There are many use cases for IoT including agriculture, education, healthcare, safety, and security among others. This blog post will discuss six of the most valuable use cases of IoT which include: Agriculture & Food Security, Connected Transportation Systems, Healthcare Providers & Hospitals, Education Institutions & Schools as well as Safety & Security firms.

Check out the most valuable use cases of IoT below:

1. Smart homes

These days smart homes have become a trend.

IoT devices are being the centerpiece of this development in terms of use in automation, security, and access control to smart homes.

Today’s homeowners want their living spaces to be as comfortable and energy-efficient as possible while staying secure. Internet of Things (IoT) devices allow them to monitor and maintain home systems such as the Internet, Cable TV, air conditioning controls, etc like never before – remotely via Internet platforms or smartphone apps. IoT devices give you enormous freedom because they can connect with other Internet-connected appliances and consumer electronics products throughout the house — from thermostats to TVs — for greater convenience and better energy management. This creates a ‘smart home.’ The Internet Of Things (IoT) is a way for Internet-connected devices in the home to communicate and interact with one another.

2. Connected Transportation Systems

Internet of things is also increasing the efficiency and productivity of our transportation systems. Connected Transportation Systems help us reduce time spent on traveling and commuting as well as fuel consumption. “Imagine a city where self-driving and connected cars and shared vehicles work together to form an efficient, reliable network. Within this kind of smart city, your car would know when there’s congestion up ahead and reroute you, or it could pick you up on demand from a remote location with electric charging stations at convenient locations.”

3. Wearables And Fitness Trackers

Internet Of Things is not just for large corporations but has been growing in the health care sector as well amongst individuals by being used in fitness trackers such as Fitbit or Jawbone etc. Internet Of Things allows us to track our health and fitness activities with wearable technology. Internet Of Things can help in being more productive in our daily lives by helping in weight loss, building muscle mass, improving endurance levels, increasing resting rates among other things.

4. Remote Patient Monitoring

Internet of things has increased the way we monitor patients remotely. Internet of things has allowed for real-time tracking of heart rate, breathing rate, etc which helps monitor their physical conditions with great accuracy which is not possible without Internet Of Things. Internet Of Things also enables connectivity between devices at home along with professional care facilities allowing doctors/ nurses/ medical technicians to check a patient’s vitals from any remote location around the world! Internet Of Things has changed the way people are monitored & treated for chronic diseases such as diabetes. Internet of things helps in the treatment & management of chronic diseases by monitoring patient’s health conditions right from their homes and sharing these data with doctors/ nurses/ medical technicians to help them take better care of patients and provide the necessary information and resources.

5. Smart Agriculture

IoT can help for better farm management by delivering weather reports, pest control, seed planting, and crop monitoring. The Internet of Things has great potential to transform the way farmers do their job.
IoT devices collect information on soil fertility, plant health, and pesticide/insecticide use. This data is then analyzed for future crop planning. IoT devices can communicate with one another to receive updates on weather conditions, for example, rain throughout the week can be inferred through their current location and this information is shared with other devices through the Internet Of Things network ( Internet Of Things Market ).

6. Smart Energy Grid

Internet Of Things could allow us to create smart grids that monitor real-time energy consumption across wide areas. Internet-connected appliances will also start communicating with each other, adjusting power usage according to availability. Grid operators will be able to generate revenue by selling Internet-enabled services along with electricity itself, giving consumers more control.

7. Customer Service and Logistics

IoT helps streamline the issues faced by both service organizations and logistics companies – it literally puts eyes on problems, making them visible. Internet-connected devices, such as sensors and cameras, can help monitor issues of concern. Internet of things is also used in reading gas meters and electricity meters for more accurate readings, and to automatically detect problems like leaks and power failures.

8. Smart Offices

Internet connectivity helps with smart lighting by Internet-connected sensors that measure motion activity in space. Internet-connected devices can also be programmed to adjust lighting based on time of day, season, or weather conditions. Motion detectors that are Internet-connected are used to control lights when they sense motion.

9. IoT for Art

Internet connectivity helps artists with remote access to art collections, creating digital catalogs, sharing artworks on social media, and making digital art editions. Internet-connected devices can help with storing, cataloging, archiving, and selling fine art collections. Internet of things is also used to create digital editions of artwork that change over time (such as video installations)

10. IoT for Tracking

Internet-connected devices are often paired with mobile apps for the greater convenience of use. Internet connectivity is used by Internet-connected devices, which are designed to help find lost items and loved ones. Internet-connected sensors can gather and transmit data on a person or object’s location to a mobile app or Internet-connect device, allowing others to track its location. Internet of things is also used in Internet-connected devices that help find your car in a crowded parking lot.

11. IoT for Risk Management

Internet connectivity can help predict risks in various situations – it can help predict disasters, such as floods and earthquakes; it can help with predicting the performance of financial markets, with Internet-connected devices gathering data on trading activities. Internet connectivity can also be used in warning systems to alert people about risks in a specific area or when a particular risk threshold is reached. Internet-connected devices are often paired with mobile apps that send alerts and notifications. Internet of things is also used in facial recognition to help in identifying potential risks in a remote location. Internet connectivity can also help in Internet-connected devices that automatically shut doors and windows when there’s a fire, or open them if smoke or CO levels reach dangerous levels.

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