How To Make a Conference Call On Android Phone

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How To Make A Conference Call On Android Phone

What a conference call is, when and how to make a conference call using an android mobile device, and how to keep it professional will all be covered in this article.

A phone call, also known as a conference call, is two-way communication. It takes place over the phone between two or more persons. It’s an efficient way to communicate on the phone with others. Businesses and organizations use it daily to stay in touch with team members. The conference call is the most common mode of communication on the Android platform to add to its appeal.

You can do a lot more work from a remote distance thanks to advances in technology. Having the ability to communicate successfully regardless of location is now more crucial than ever because of the increasing amount of work done remotely. You can hold a formal conference call at any time and from anywhere using a smartphone.

Here is how you can make a conference call on Android:

1. You can access your phone’s keypad and contact list by clicking on the Phone icon.

2. Type the phone number you’d want to call, or swipe through your contact list to see who it is. Call your friends by tapping on their name and then on the green phone symbol.

3. Tap on the Plus sign labeled “Add call” once you’ve spoken to the person you’ve called.

4. To reach the second individual, follow steps 2 and 3 again.

5. Your screen will display both calls at once when a second person picks up. To merge the two calls into a single conference call, press the “Merge” button. As a result of your ring, all three of you may hear and speak to each other simultaneously.

6. When you’re ready to end the conference call, press the red and white phone button.

In conclusion, in this article we learned about how to make a conference call on android and we covered what you need to know in order to do so.  We also covered some of the best tools for making conference calls on android and gave you a few tips on how to use them.

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