KeePass: A safe place to store all of your passwords and other login credentials!


We want nothing but the best for our members, especially when it comes to security! Please use the following guide to help you safely store and remember your passwords.

password-397654_1920The image to the left should be pretty familiar to anyone who has ever had to login to anything. Most of us are used to seeing some form of this sign-in box for most of the websites we visit. But did you know that you are actually taking a fairly large risk each time you enter your password online? There are plenty of different ways an attacker could intercept your login details, such as decryption tools or key-loggers, and if you have a universal password (same password for everything), the attacker will instantly have access to all of your accounts! This could cost you time or money, or at the very least a headache! Prepared, diligent and proactive is the only way to be. That is why we are urging our users to start storing their passwords in a password management utility.

KeePass Logo


Introducing KeePass!

“KeePass is a free open source password manager, which helps you to manage your passwords in a secure way. You can put all your passwords in one database, which is locked with one master key or a key file. So you only have to remember one single master password or select the key file to unlock the whole database. The databases are encrypted using the best and most secure encryption algorithms currently known (AES and Twofish).”

– Description from KeePass’ official website

KeePass is free and open source, but it’s far from the only password management utility. Click here to see a list of PC Mag’s top 10 paid password managers of 2017, and click here to see the top 10 free password managers. Below are a few reasons to choose the program that best suits your needs and start using it right away.

  • Not only will using a program such as KeePass keep your passwords and login details safe from potential attackers, it will help you remember them for yourself as well!

  • You should NEVER use the same password for two different websites/accounts. KeePass can generate and store a brand new, entirely random password for you at the click of a button!

  • If you use the random password generator, you will never have to type your password onto your keyboard, making a key-logging attack completely useless.

  • Many password management tools can store additional information, such as full names and addresses, for automatic form-filling.

  • Secure credit card and banking information the same way you would a password and avoid typing them out into your browser.

Combination Lock with Keyboard and Credit Cards SolidTrust Pay

When it comes to the eWallet/payment processing industry, it’s easy to see why we put so much emphasis on the security of our members. Wherever there is money, extra security will follow. We hope that you will take a few short minutes out of your day today to make sure that you are doing everything in your power to avoid the worst possible thing that could happen to you online! See below for instructions on downloading and using KeePass, as well as some additional resources for your security.

–> Go to

–> Click on the latest release (found under ‘latest news’)


–> Click “download KeePass 1.32” (or whichever the current version is)


–> Click Classic Edition and then run the setup (this version is for Windows only. If you are using a different OS, please scroll down for other download options)


Additional KeePass Resources

A list of features in KeePass with descriptions 

More screenshots describing and displaying each aspect and feature of KeePass

KeePass help/support center 

KeePass frequently asked questions 

New Withdraw Method: Transpay Wire

We’re excited to announce a brand new wire withdraw method for you, one that’s cheaper than a traditional wire and faster than an ACH, Transpay Wire!

Click below for a step by step video walk-through of how to use this brand new feature or keep reading for a more detailed written explanation.

We’re working with our friends from Transpay to provide you with a wire withdrawal option that is cheaper and faster. You also do not need to be bank verified, as long as you’re Standard Verified you can use it!

Account Home Page

To use the new Transpay option, go to the withdrawal page using the ‘my money’ menu.

Accoutn Home page.png

My Bank

From there click on ‘My Bank’. First thing to do is select the currency that is going to be withdrawn from your STP balance.


As of right now Transpay withdrawals are available only in USD or Euro. Later that withdrawal can be converted to almost any currency at the receiving location.

Transaction Selections

Choose Transpay withdrawal, you’ll notice the currencies available are noted beside the option. You can also see that it has a lower fee than SWIFT Bank wire and a faster processing time than the ACH withdrawal.



Next enter the following details for your transaction:

  • Country
  • State/Province
  • City


Payment mode is where you’ll choose your bank deposit. Select what currency you want to receive the funds in then select your destination bank and fill out the details.


Enter the account number and your routing/transit number. These can be acquired from your bank and for many bank accounts can be found on your check.

Check Sample



Fill those in and select the ‘available provider’. The options available will depend on what country you are in and you will receive a notice about what the exchange rate will be.



Complete your transaction by entering your secondary password and you’re done!

We really hope you enjoy using our new withdraw method and that it makes your STP experience better!


How to Use Customer Support Site

While we are always working hard to make sure using SolidTrust Pay is as easy as possible, sometimes customers need help with their accounts or transactions and require assistance from our customer support staff. Today we’re going to show you how to create a support account, and how to get us started working on your issue via our Live Chat or via support ticket.

Where to Find Us

While SolidTrust Pay is available through social media on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and right here on our blog – any issues with your account or transactions should go directly to our support site: You can access support either by visiting that site directly or on the main SolidTrust Pay site in the ‘Contact Us’ area.

Once on the support site page you can see the status of LiveChat in the bottom right hand corner. If our LiveChat staff are available that area will show ‘online’. Tickets can be submitted to our support staff day or night, seven days a week.

ticket home page.png

Creating a Support Site Account

If you already have a support site account, you can login from the main page using your email address and password. If you do not, then you will need to create a new account. Remember – this account is different from your SolidTrust Pay account. When logging in, do not enter your STPay username and password. Instead you will use the email address and password you created when you set up your STPay support account.

So, first we will go through the process on how to create an account on the support site and then submit and reply to your tickets.

support login page

Register page

register ticket page

To Register for an account enter your email address and your name.  Name should be First name and Last/Surname.

Once you click Register you will see this next page stating:

“Registration successful. Please check your email and follow link in the registration email to set up your password and activate account.”

successful register page.png

So NEXT you will go to your email account.  (I’m using gmail but whatever email provider you have should look similar)

Find the email from LiveAgent (check your inbox, spam/junk folders, etc) and open the email to see a link to click to setup your password and login.

ticket email and password set up.png

When you click on the link you are then redirected to the support site Welcome page.  You will see your email address filled in already and then you need to set up your Password and click Login. Welcome set up pass.png

Now you will see the following page and on the right hand side the page will  display your name.  Under that you will see “My Tickets”, “Submit Ticket”, and “Logout”.  You can edit your support account & add a photo by clicking on your name. (*My name was entered as Test Ticket so I’d click there to go to edit account page).

ticket logged in.png

Submitting a Ticket

Let’s take a look at how to submit a ticket. To begin, head to the support site at and click the ‘login’ link in the top right to make sure you are logged in to the support site. From there you can click on ‘submit a ticket’ in the top right underneath the login link. We will ask you for some of your account information, and you can provide us with a description of your issue.

This page will now appear.

submit ticket.png

When you submit a ticket you will see this message regarding the requested time frame for waiting for a reply to your ticket,  24-48 hours. Note: Please allow this time frame to expire before submitting another ticket about the same issue. Duplicate tickets can delay our response times.

sumitted ticket wait.png

Now that your ticket has been sent to us our expert support staff will begin working on your issue. You are free to logout, or stay and browse the ‘My Tickets’ area to view your recently submitted tickets and any previous tickets you have submitted.

my ticket new answered.png

Resolving your Ticket

When your ticket is replied to by our staff the ticket status on the bottom will change to Answered or Resolved.  You will receive an email notification when your ticket has received a reply from staff.  **Login to support site to view reply.

Click on blue ticket title to see the full message. Answered ticket.png

When you click on the blue ticket title to view the full message a new page will open.

Click on blue ticket title to see the full message. Here you can review our response, and click “Reply” to respond back to message or, if issue is now resolved, click “Resolve”.

full ticket reply.png

The email you receive will provide you with a link to the support site where you can log in and view the message. Very important reminder: The email you receive is a NO REPLY email and if you reply to the email it will not be sent to us. This email is only to notify you that you received a reply – currently you cannot respond to tickets via your email inbox.

Here is what the email notification will look like.

Resolved email.png

If you click on the blue link in the email you will be taken to the support site and you will need to login to view the actual ticket.

Now, if you ever forget your Support Site password (remember, you don’t log in with your STPay username and password) you can click on the section of the login page that says “I Forgot” under Password.  You will be sent an email password reset by LiveAgent.

Thanks for joining us and learning how to create a Support Site account and how to create and respond to a ticket!

THANK YOU for using SolidTrust Pay!


2 How to Video’s


How to Sign Up for an STPay Account

Sometimes setting up an account for the first time can be a bit confusing or you might be wondering why all this information is required to make an account.  We hope that this blog entry will help smooth out the sign up process and answer any questions you might have about creating your STPay account.  At the end of this blog there is also a Video that shows you the sign up process for those of you that enjoy watching How To videos! 🙂

To Start you will want to go to our website:

landingpage sign up   click the orange Sign Up button


The first page you are taken to is for your to select your Account Type.

Select Account type:

Personal—for use of online shopping and internet program participation. Sending funds to family and friends.  General account use.
Business—for those members that have a product or service they wish to sell online.


Next page in sign up process

signup page.png

profile details—Your information:

Your first and last name  (Given name and Surname)

Date of Birth –why is this important to have correct?  You must be over 18 to use STPay without parental permission. If you wish to verify your STPay account then we need to have your accurate DOB to be sure you are who you say you are.  Lastly, security reasons, hopefully a hacker would not know your actual date of birth if they happen to gain access to your information.

Occupation— This is a requirement we must fulfill as mandated by government

Legal Citizenship— required information mandated by government

Country of Residence–some countries are restricted from using STPay due to international economic sanctions.  You must select the country prior to being able to enter your state/province/territory that will auto populate in the next section’s drop down menu

Province/State–This section is auto populated once country is selected from section above. For USA users this is important-due to state specific legislation, some states are unable to use STPay currently.  For other users if your state/province/region/territory isn’t listed or is incorrectly listed please choose the one that is most applicable to your correct address.

City–Enter the name of your city, town, or village

Postal Code/Zip— Enter this if your address includes this type of code

Address Line 1— This is for the actual address of where you live, your residence.          This is where you would enter your house number, apartment number street name Example: 1 Main Street apartment 2b.

Address Line 2— This is for any PO Box, RR#, etc for where you might receive your mail if different from your residential address.

Daytime Phone number— Please enter the number you wish to be used for any contact reason. The primary phone number you use. This could be your cellphone number. Formatting for phone numbers should include your country code then the phone number, No Spaces, No dashes-, No +, No 00.  Example 18771234567

Cell Phone number— this can be the same number as your daytime contact number if you wish.  If you have a second number you wish to be included for contact reasons you may include it here.


security settings— information to create your STPay account

Select a Username— this is how you wish to be known as in STPay.  All transactions are performed under this name.  Your username serves to identify your account in any situation where a merchant or other member is sending funds to you.  This username can have a maximum of 16 characters and may be a combination of letters & numbers.

Please DO NOT include any spaces, punctuation marks, symbols, no email addresses. Please note that SolidTrust Pay usernames are case-sensitive. Therefore, you must remember if you enter your username using uppercase or lowercase or a combination of. (Myname1 v.s. MyName1)  Usernames also may not consist of a string of digits. Example: 3756371 is not an acceptable username.  Example username: SusanSmith is a good username


Email address–this is required to complete your account set up, how we are able to contact you if required, and security to be sure that someone else isn’t trying to set up an account using your email address.

Confirm Email address— this is required to be sure you haven’t made a typo when entering your email address above

Select Login Password— This the password you use to enter your STPay account. Formatting of the password is specific but this is for security reasons as we wish for you to create a very secure login password so that hackers have a difficult time trying to gain access to your account. Password must include at least:

  • one number • one uppercase letter • one lowercase letter • one punctuation mark

Confirm Login Password— this is required so that you can ensure you typed the password in correctly


Select Secondary Password–this password is required. It is the password that is used when you go to move money into or out of your STPay account.  It is also required to make certain changes to your account information/security settings.  This is a Non-Retrievable password which makes this secure from hackers just requesting a new password to an email address like you are able to do with the login password.  You must remember this password. Please make this different from your login password for best security practice. Like your LOGIN password, this must include at least:
• one number • one uppercase letter • one lowercase letter • one punctuation mark

Confirm Secondary Password–to be sure no typos are made when you entered the password above.


Secret Question–this section is required for security reasons.  If a hacker is able to gain access to your STPay account they should not know what your secret question and answer are.  This is a requirement on most sites where you create an account that might have sensitive information or monetary funds. Please do not make the question something that a hacker might have access to such as what is my username. Good Examples: What is my mother’s maiden name  or What was the color of my first car  or What is my favorite candy bar.

Secret Answer— this is the answer to the above question.  Please note how your type in the answer is important. The answer is Case Sensitive just like a password.  Therefore, if your answer to favorite candy bar is KitKat please take note of how you typed;  KitKat v.s. kitkat or Kit Kat.  The answer must be entered EXACTLY.

Spam Block Question–this section is required to prove you are a human and not a computer program creating multiple fake accounts to STPay.  If you are not seeing a question in the field box then this could be due to an internet browser issue.  We do suggest that you use Mozilla Firefox (this works best with our site) or Chrome if you are signing up using a PC(desktop/laptop) or Android device.  If you are using a Mac or iMobile device we suggest Safari.   The browser Internet Explorer does not work well with our site.


Click the box next to YES I have agreed to the Terms and Conditions prior to signing up  (Please actually read this document as it does contain very vital information regarding STPay accounts, usage policies, etc.)

Yes Sign Up.png


Now Click the green SIGNUP button.


Congrats sign up page.png

In a few moments you should receive an email to the email address you entered for the account.  Please check your email inbox, spam/trash, other folders for the registration confirmation email as it does not always arrive to the inbox folder.

Click on the confirmation link in the email and sign in to your newly created STPay account!

(If you do not click this link within a 24 hour period after creating the account the confirmation link will expire or if you do not see the email in your email account after checking all folders, you will need to contact our Customer Support Staff at )


Here is a great video on how to accomplish creating your account!!  🙂