Season of Giving

Every aspect of life for every human being on the planet is affected by the businesses of the world. Governments are funded by the taxes generated by citizens who work for businesses. Governments build hospitals, schools and transportation systems that are engineered and designed by businesses who employ people to make them work and function.

The money of the world belongs to its people but they have the least control over it. It is the responsibility of corporations, governments and businesses to adopt fiscal responsibility towards the people they serve and ‘share the wealth’. Unfortunately, ‘sharing the wealth’ can never be regulated, mandated or enforced; it must be integral to the philosophy and heart of a corporation.

SolidTrust Pay has such a heart. It has dedicated a large part of its annual budget to charitable giving, both near and far.  This year we focused our charitable giving to World Vision.


Our staff were an integral part of choosing which of the many worthy World Vision Gifts our company would support this year.

It was a tough decision with many great options to choose from so instead of choosing one we chose 6!!

The following gifts were purchased as part of our Corporate Giving Plan

– Stock a Medical Clinic
– New Mom and Baby Care Kit
– Immunize a Community
– Fruit Trees + Seeds + Tools
– Fill a Stable
– Agricultural Packs for 3 Families

You, our customers, also made this possible as we regularly have STPay members who donate to our STP_Relief_Funds account.  Those generous funds are used as well to help support World Vision. Thank You!!

If you are interested in supporting a charity we encourage you to do so.  Every penny helps, whether that be on a global or local scale. Kindness has no real cost!

As one of our staff members said, “It is not the size of the giving – it is the giving in and of itself that changes the world and makes it a better place for  all.”


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