UPDATED –How To Verify your account INSTANTLY!!

We have put together a short How To video to help those customers who are now required to take advantage of our Auto Verify option.  Unfortunately, this option is not available for all countries.  Please check the lists below to see if your country is listed to use this option:

All non USA countries that are accepted and the types of Government issued photo ID accepted.

(click on image to see enlarged version)

3GB chart sans Ireland

United States of America

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As other countries become available with the provider GB3 (GBGroup), they will be included for STPay and we will keep you updated.

If your country is listed above then you are required to attempt this option.

If you do not have the required documents (such as a Passport if you are from a Auto Verify Passport only country) you will find a link on the page so that you may upload your other ID card (such as Drivers License)

You are welcome to check out the flow chart and YouTube video on How To use this option below!

GB3 Chart


The option is instant so you will be Standard Verified immediately (pending success on the document check).  Note that there is currently no cost to use this service, it is Free!

We hope you enjoyed the video and found it helpful.  Happy Verifying!!