Verifying Your Account

SolidTrust Pay believes that keeping your money safe comes with giving our members a uniquely secure Account Verification process. Because of this, we require documentation for every account wishing to become Standard Verified, as well as Bank Verified. This drastically cuts down online fraud and identity theft, making certain that you are the only one accessing your STPay Account and personal information.

But what exactly do you need to submit to become verified?

Standard Verification requires the following documents to upgrade your account:

  •  A valid, unaltered, government-issued photo ID (from your current country of residence) showing your name, your date of birth, and expiry date. Verifiers will also make note of Identifications attributes such as watermarks, issuing information, and ID number.
  •  A recent bill or statement matching the name and address in your profile, as well as showing the date it was issued. Please ensure that this statement is no older than 6 months.

For more information about verification and country specific requirements, please read this Support Centre Article.

Documents should be submitted in full color, jpeg or PDF format, at a large enough resolution to ensure they can be opened and read clearly. If a flatbed scanner is not available to you, many customers take photos of their documents. This is only acceptable if the document is fully legible, is not blurry, and contains no missing information or cropping.

SolidTrust Pay complies with all government regulations requiring processors to verify their customers, maintain records and report suspicious transactions. As a countermeasure against fraud and money laundering, verification is required for transactions of any type over $1000.

With these few extra steps, your account will be ready to enjoy the perks that come with having a Verified account, such as sending or receiving up to $9999 per 24-hour period, and having access to a greater variety of transaction options, including e-currency exchanges to other payment systems.

Peace of mind is priceless, which is exactly why we’ve implemented this Verification process.

SolidTrust Pay, when your money and security matters.