SolidTrust Pay Tutorial Contest EXTENSION!


SolidTrust Pay is excited to announce a new contest series for our members. Starting this week we will be holding bi-weekly contests for member-made SolidTrust Pay tutorial videos.

We’re hoping to reach out to our members, new and old, to create a series of fun and informative Tutorial Videos that deal with the various areas of our site. The aim is to interact with our members and to create an online help resource for new members, as well as any members who need a little more insight into our site.

Contest deadline is March 25th, 2014 April 1st, 2014 at 11:59pm EST

Entries can be sent to

Be sure to include your SolidTrust Pay Username and the YouTube URL of your Tutorial.

Good news! If you were worried about getting your video in before the March 25th deadline, we have decided to extend it to April 1st! That’s a whole extra week to get your fabulous tutorial videos submitted to us!

For more information on the contest itself, and details about the PRIZE,

check out the BLOG POST!

Best of luck! And have fun!