United States ACH Update

SolidTrust is pleased to announce that with the addition of another United States ACH (direct bank transfer) option, we will be completely caught up with all pending ACH withdrawal requests by Friday, August 17th.  This update applies to member requests dated July 20 to August 7 (all requests after these dates are not experiencing any delays).

Please make note of the following clarifications:

  • if you have more than one pending transaction per day they may not all arrive in your bank account on the same day; expect them to arrive daily until completed
  • clearing times for requests dated from August 8 on are:
    • 5 business days NOT counting the day you make your request
    • 3 business days for Trust Card members NOT counting day of request

The strain, frustration and extreme inconvenience caused by the 3 week delay is fully acknowledged and recognized by SolidTrust Pay.  Our primary ACH provider went offline on July 11 and despite their advising us it would only be a few days, they never came back online.  SolidTrust worked feverishly to acquire a new provider which it has accomplished on August 3.  We are extremely pleased to again be able to provide the fast, efficient and reliable bank transfer services that we have always been famous for.

We thank all our USA affected members for their patience and understanding.